Virtual Annual Session Schedule

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Moderator Hermon Scott

Greetings  My fellow Zionites, 


I  look forward to joining you on the various media  platform  as  we  join together  virtually  for  our 156 Annual Session.  It  is  my sincere prayer  that you are planning to return to in person worship soon.   Subsequently,  I  have chosen to focus this session on “Returning to Sanctuary Worship” with Psalm 122:1 as  a scriptural anchor point. 


Our Session will begin  on Tuesday  July 13th  2021 and  will run through Thursday  July 15th, 2021.  I have chosen as  a  theme Scripture   for this year Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.    


Because  of your  financial generosity Zion has  been able to stay afloat in “turbulent waters.”   This  year in  addition  to asking  each church  to register for the annual session,  I am asking   pastors  to  ask each  member of their  church to  make  a sacrificial offering  to Zion 100.00.   We  will  use this special offering   to continue  paying  down  the debt, and  sustaining  Zion throughout  the year.  I  believe that  our little  becomes  much when we  place it in the master’s  hand.  So regardless of the amount  of your  sacrifice you are  and will be a blessing to Zion.    Members  can also  send  their offering  individually  to Zion Missionary Baptist  Association P.O. Box 601 Brunswick, Ga  31521  or  electronically   using  the Paypal or Givlify application on this site.


My fellow Zionites,  I have  been praying  and  I believe that  in spite  the difficulties and  uncertainties  we face, “God is  moving   in our  direction.”    So  I  enthusiastically  say “ I Was Glad  When They Said  Unto Me Let Us Go Into  The House Of The Lord!”



Again,  I pledge  my best in service to God  and to Zion.   Together WE CAN!



In HIS Service



Hermon Scott Th.D.


Session Schedule

The zoom Link will be included in an email to Zionites on the Zion Association mailing list.

If you do ot receive the Zoom number and Passcode for automatic entry into the Zoom session, text 912-547-1711 with you email address and request.

Tuesday, July 13

10:00  a.m.        Memorial Tribute  (Live Streaming on Facebook
10:30  a.m.        Breakout Sessions via ZOOM 
                                 #1   Laymen's Ministry
                                 #2  Womens Auxilliary
                                 #3  Clergy
12:00 Noon        General Assembly (Live Streaming on Facebook
                                  Rev. Marvin Lloyd, Preaching

Wednesday, July 14
            10:00 a.m.          Break out Sessions , con't. via ZOOM
            11:30 a.m.          General Assembly (Live Streaming on Facebook)
                                            Moderator  Walter Spencer, preaching

Thursday, July 15.   (Live Streaming on Facebook)
            10:00 a.m.           Panel Discussion   
            11:30 a.m.           Closing Assembly 
                                       Moderator Hermon Scott, preaching