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A Nonprofit Ministry of Zion Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. 

Jail Keys
Youth in Mission


Grands and kids

OUR VISION:          

Strong, self-sufficient individuals and families in rural coastal Georgia  


OUR MISSION:        

To help local congregations strengthen and lift families and communities through education,  engagement, and empowerment  

UpLift endeavors to address the needs of rural families and individuals residing along the South Georgia Coast.  We support and resource initiatives with similar goals through collaboration with ZMBA congregations and community partners who focus  on four strategic areas:  

  • the supportive needs of grandparents and other custodial relatives with parenting responsibility, 

  • the educational need for financial literacy among families with limited income, 

  • the daunting social hurdles of family and community re-entry for formerly incarcerated citizens, and 

  • the alarming rate of chemical addiction among our youth.


Working together, UpLift can positively impact disenfranchised families and marginalized communities.  

With your help, we can fulfill our mission to help Zion congregations to positively impact families and communities along the South Georgia coast.

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UpLift Project

Zion Missionary Baptist Assoc, Inc.

P O Box 601

Brunswick, GA 31521

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