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Zion Congress of Christian Education

 President Leo Moore, Jr. And Dean Kathy Morgan

P. O. Box 601

Brunswick, Georgia 31521

912-224-1273 / 912-269-5978  


LOCATION - Both youth and adult Registration will begin at 7:00 A.M. each morning at the Zion Missionary Baptist Association Educational And Training Complex. 



PERSONAL REGISTRATION:  Adult:  $25.00 – Youth: $10.00. 

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM HERE - Please complete prior to arriving at the Congress. This will help to ensure that all information is complete and correct.


GLYNNARD CAMPBELL SCHOLARSHIP  – Please make copies  as needed and complete all required information.  This form must be properly signed and must be submitted to the Registration Desk no later than 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. 

Please review all Scholarship requirements on the Revised 2023 Scholarship Applicant Form.  


MEALS – BREAKFAST AND LUNCH WILL BE SERVED ON SITE EACH DAY. Breakfast $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for children. Lunch for children (12 and under) will be $7.00 per day, and Adults will be $10.00 per day. These prices will include your drink.  CHILDREN AND ADULTS WILL BE SERVED THE SAME MEALS.

“JAMES STEPHENS’ YOUTH ON PARADE” – Wednesday, June 28, 2023 beginning at 1:00 P.M. 


COPP CLASSES We are encouraging those who are not currently enrolled in the Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) to become a part of this wonderful and exciting program by requesting more information from Dean Morgan.  Students taking a COPP Class must be registered with a Church OR pay an Individual Registration Fee of $35.00 to attend a COPP Class.

THE BANNER MARCH that will be held on Wednesday Morning, June 28, 2023.   NOT FORGET to bring your DESIGNED CHURCH BANNERS to participate.


ATTIRE – This is the Zion Congress of Christian Education, we are in a church setting and we ask that everyone will dress appropriately in casual church attire.

MEMORIAL MEMBERS ROLL.   Download form to list deceased members here.  Return by mail or to Congress Registration Desk. 

Date and schedule to be announced

Schedule and Classes 

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